Colnago Master Pista

turn off the ‘safe viewing’ filter on google and search for ‘TWISTER’ again… hehehehe

then you’ll get a good sense of ‘the only way to play twister’

btw, i think some really nice collaborations have come about in the cycling industry, although the cool ‘fixie’ trend is just bringing about collabs involving artists/designers/cocksuckers that dont give a fuck about riding and are looking for a new trend to get on and clock up some scene points. Ala Vice magazine crowd…

the black and gold ‘obey’ fixie seen at interbike/trackosaurusrex… even though i love Shepard Fairey and his work but i felt the bike was a cop out

the ‘master pista’ was ordinary in the sense, that minus the polka dots it was just a mediocre build, as when you look past the frame, attention to detail took a backseat that deprived a beautiful frame of its true potential

and that colango ‘funny’ bike in that fixated show? insert CRINGE here


There have been several collaborations in areas such as the BMX scenes that have had some really nice results such as;

Fit bike co. collaborated with streetwear brand ‘LRG’ and did a really nice allover ‘LRG camo design’ print complete bike that maintained the NYC emphasis.

DC shoe co, did a re-release of the PK Ripper from SE Racing accompanied by their own PK Ripper model of shoe.

And WeThePeople even put a 180 on things and did a cruiser for Clothing brand Carhartt that was really nice

I guess I’m just having a sook, But something just really ticks me off when there are these halfarsed collaborations (not just in the fixie scene) that are not well resolved and have so many loose ends.

hah sorry guys!

Nekkid twister FTW!

(not Frank the Welder)

That was an ok bike. It was aesthetically pleasing which is more then can be said for most other colabarations with "designers" (<<<those where the biggest inverted commas I could find)

cellardoor, they’re pretty big alright!

full bike

No wonder they didn’t post a pic of the full bike on their blog.

reckon they lace their feet directly to the pedals, or what?

By the way that bike looks, makes me think that the owner might be on the ‘sex offenders’ register.

or has a t-shirt like this:

Looks like it should be parked out back of the Blue Oyster Bar.

Thats better.
Full body shot! :wink:

I wouldn’t put that saddle on it though.
doesn’t work

it doesn’t even have 4 different colours, for starters!

I actually do like the frame, seat perhaps a white regal or rolls, post??? keep it simple, actually keep everything simple, the frame is loud enough.

Yes I was thinking white Rolls. But thats because they fit my bum!

All right now. Imagine that same frame with period correct silver bits white grips and white saddle. It’d rock shit.
shakes head How can people come so close yet be so far off?

who takes a photo of a bike non drive side anyway??

so they could fit more fucking polka dots in…

‘oh you wanna dance Burgandy? I like to polka’ (anchorman reference guysss)

I killed a man with a trident

do you play the jazz flute?

Now that I see the whole bike I really don’t like the look of it…