Colnago Master Pista

I was actually going to buy this, but heeded some sound advice from TC regarding the size of it and let it slide to eBay. But hot damn it’s nice. And Joe is happy to ship to Australia too…

Hey Jams! Get the bike to match your hat!

Colnago Master Pista - Team Mapei

whaddya mean? it’ll fit you fine

I thought so initially too, but Andy pointed out the size of the headtube (185mm) and the fact that it has a freuler lug (where seat tube extends through top tube), both of which indicate that it’s built for someone a bit taller than myself.

I was tempted to get it anyway and just ditch it if it didn’t fit, but honestly can’t be fucked.

57cm C-C Top tube is still 57cm C-C.

It’s not like mckenny’s litespeed that has a massive difference in TT / ST lengths, the seattube extension is nothing to write home about.

Freuler geometry has extended head & seat tubes, the HT extension in this case is marginal, and could easily be compensated for with a steeper stem or deep drop bars. It’s like having a 59cm ST, but without the associated frame flex.

63cm C-T:

Thanks for that Blakey.

I’ll hold out on the hope that Spirito is going to call me this weekend and say that the Bundy is mine, but perhaps the MP is still on the horizon of ownership for me.