Colnago Master

Does someone want to take advantage of the strong dollar? shipping is a killer though.

what ??? 55GBP to ship a frame to Oz is actually a bargain. Most reputable sellers I know who properly pack frames for O/seas shipment usually charge double that.

I have no affiliation or dealings with the seller but I’d ask if it’s boxed and properly packed. What point is a cheap frame if it needs a tube replaced and repaint?

And it’s yellow :stuck_out_tongue:

75GBP to Australia.

Also, if it has anything to do with these guys,, it should be packed properly.

I believe i have family that could post it nice and cheap for me to bad its too big! :cry:

thats reasonable shipping. $450 for a bike from the US is killer.

My bad, I’ve only bought parts from the UK. Never a frame, worked out the sum and it seemed a bit rich.

tight arse :stuck_out_tongue: