Colnago Pista

oh dear, in my size.

Think i know what kind of paint to try next though =)

Colnago Pista, Track bike | eBay

oh wow. only if i had that kind of money.

My sig says it all vvvvvvvvvvv

you know you want it =D

wow that build sucks. no joke looks like a mojo and i love colnago’s. nuff said. None the less i would love to build it properly!

How can something so right look so wrong?

he goes to all the effort of getting campy stuff and some njs parts and then ruins one of the best frames with yellow and pink wheels?

A new seat, bars and wheels would be a big improvement.
The stuff isn’t bad but the colours = vomit.

I like it. It’s only a Colnago … but the colours remind me of the early house scene in Rimini, Riccione where everything was in your face. Might have had something to do with the copious amounts of acid. Not everyone’s taste, and all the better for it IMO.

yep… i think that is the ugliest wheelset i’ve ever seen.

well i dunno. i dig it. but i guess i like this sort of vomit inducing ridiculousness. especially if its nice parts/frames.

“powder coated fluorescent yellow to match frame”

And that’s where he went wrong, parts need to be chosen to suit the frame not match it.


wow sorry to thread dig but this frame is the track equivilant of my roadie:)

hopefully one day they will reunite haha

ive just spied a new colourway for my visp LOL

doo it! what visp?

My old one… The fuji/leader lookalike

I want this frame please.

LIES, i know you bought that dragon tatooed trip triangle