colnago road frame + parts

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not sure if this has been posted, but looking cheap at the moment.
note dropout repair. nsw only.

im a fan of the older style nags, but yikes to those ‘welds’

A Colnago in St Clair? Must be stolen…


MMM its my old boys size any one in st clair or silverwater.

going for the early inheritance?

Hahaha he has so many nice bikes but they are all about 3cm too big and all his wheels are shimano body and i run campy.

My missus is in colyton and oldies in Erskine Park, but I doubt they’d help a random bloke off the net :frowning:

you might be getting some big bikes with shimano sooner than you think if you buy him a bike with that dropout ‘repair’

Looks like some bogan has just whipped out the old stick welder for those dropouts.
Ugly but they would probably Be safe if you got something on them to stop the rust biting in