Colnago Super Piu probs maybe dunno


I bought this a couple of weeks ago from a mate down the coast:

Legend has it that the original owner bought it in '92/3 (“it’s a Mexico” right) thought the original paint was a bit too effeminate, so he got Joe Cosgrove to blow a coat of black over it, back in around 1994. I have no idea what the original paint looked like. Step forward a decade, and the paint’s pretty tired, but the frame is straight and clean.

Anyhoo, I fitted up some 25c Masters on the Nucleons, and put on some Record brakes and derailleurs, but I don’t have any ITA cups for muh Record crabons cranks, so until I find something else on wiggle that I absolutely must have, the build has kinda stalled. no rush. not like i ride anyway…

Any closeups of the frame you’re willing to post?
I’ve got an 80’s master with modern group. They’re such a nice smooth predictable bike to ride.


i’ve got a couple of potato shots of the frame:

Computer says Super Piu has chromed head tube lugs, dunno why they’d paint over those. Also I can’t see the extra kidney shaped hold in the head tube lugs I’ve seen on others, but I think that’s a function of the pics and angles.

no cutouts on the sides of the headtube lugs.

Looks rad.

slowly, slowly.
new stem, and wheels lifted from the bianchi.