Latest build, let me know what you think.

:-oThat thing is SO hot!..

i have heard of brakeless no toe clips, but never brakeless no pedals whats going on there :?

Colnago Club Representing!! :smiley:

3 fixed Colnago’s rolling around Brisbane now!!

nice! Any chance of getting a detail shot of the top tube image?

just pointing out the obvious;
i would put some bar tape on and adjust your seat angle to be level.

beautiful frame, what size is it?
i would love to see it geared!

My thoughts on the saddle and gears too. It’s a beautiful frame, but hard to make it look good as a fixie with such a layed back euro road angle.

needs gears!!!

+1, restore to former glory.

beautiful frame, sell it to someone shorter who will put gears on it.

what size is it??? Remember that the Technos is a bit delicate as steel goes, recommended weight limit (about 75kg I think). please don’t kill it

Weight limiting a colnago?? columbus steel?? delicate?? Hmmmm… Why would they make frame in a 58cm or even a 60cm then. I don’t think you would find many people riding 58cm’s under 75kg.

thanks for the thoughts, i left the derailer hanger on there cause i had the thought in mind of returning it to its former glory but needed time to see it as a fixie so who knows, as for a weight limited bike im with the “gypo” on this one, and even if i was to sell it the markets kind of limited cause i dont think i would find to many “75kg” people who could throw a leg over a 60cm frame.

sell it to cale, he’s a stick.

ive seen stick insects fatter than cale.

Sorry 160lbs or 72.7kg. My best mate has one in a 58, hes about 80kg but then again he’s not thrashing it fixed either.

just out of interest… where are you getting these numbers from? the close friend i brought the frame off was riding it at over 100kgs with no issues, im 90kgs and so far so good, and just cause its fixed doesnt mean im trashing it, thats what the everyday beater is for, nothing wrong with riding a piece of art once in awhile

I first saw it in an old colnago catalog when I did some searching after my mate bought his a couple of years ago, I went searching briefly again after the scepticism directed at my post. I found a website with old content selling tecnos frames that quoted the same text from the catalog.

I’m not saying that it is dangerous to ride it under normal conditions for anyone above the Colnago suggested limit, it is steel therefore even if you break it it is unlikely to be too catastrophic.

However, it is probably not the best choice for a fixed street bike if your popping off gutters, hitting potholes and trying to do skids and tricks. I was probably too harsh about the size, drop your bars an inch, level the top of the saddle and it would look more balanced. I have a frame with an extended seat tube like that and it can look a bit wrong sometimes too.

Fair call. However the bike has been built to be ridden on the road. Not down gutters, mashe’d or tricked on. The photo was taken when it was first built. The bike had not been sized to the rider or anything moved to suit…

they were built when it was generally good cyclists buying high end bikes, and 75kgs was and still is heavy for a tall rider who can climb.
of course, now its almost the opposite. “high end” :roll: companies like bianchi know that most of their bikes are sold to people trying to buy-in to a velo-afficionado circle with their ‘authentic’ bike (built either by people in taiwan who know what theyre doing, or italians who are new to the carbon game but believe that their ‘passion’ will get them through)
and yes, steel is delicate. its thin. shouldnt be banged on things sideways. if you want a tough frame to bolt to a pole, get a barra :slight_smile: 2mm straight guage ooooooooooooooooooooooooooo yeah. buy me one while youre at it.

oh! i forgot to say that i think tis a cool bike, and i’m sure it will be a great rig for what you are intending to use it for.

and by the way, who started the pearl “potholes are only hit in city streets when youre being gnarly and jumping off gutters”??? i only really see potholes in the country and the only one i’ve ever hit was in my hometown, population 2600 at the time.

You should see Brisbane city streets then :oops: you could loose your dog in some of them.