Colnago Track and Road

some better pictures woiuld be good. Looks like campy hubs and Cranks. Might be worth keeping an eye on?

Colnago Super Track Bike FEDOR DEN HERTOG Special Model Memorabilia | eBay

Not as nice but someone may need a roadie?
Colnago Super Road Bike | eBay

looks like he is selling his dads bikes.

some mazda rx7/rx2 parts too…

southi3 | eBay

It is sad to see it go, but was not able to fit in the container along with other items.

Mazda Jelly Bean Alloy Wheels 4 x 110 Suit r100 rx2 rx3 rx4 rx7 12a 13b rotary | eBay

I want the car

I did some googling and couldn’t see anything in regards to a Fedor den Hertog special model?

would you kindly post the pictures up here when they come in?

i thought 'nagos were meant to have clover cutouts, not triangles?

cough McBain.

Is there more Fauxnagos than Colnagos?

and it would look good with a polish and wax:) reminds of of the blue hillman on here?

a lick of powdercoat and that thing would be sikkk!!!

do you mean mine?

does look similar in a few places, but i have no idea what mine is, so not much good really…

and mine was built with reynolds.

What, because the sticker says so? Just like the sticker that reads “Hillman”?

ouch. correct though i suppose.

in that case i’m just gonna tell people it’s made from unobtanium

that would sound even better in capitals “UNOBTANIUM”

you’re right, it does

Accordiong to James Cameron.

Unobtanium is a mineral valued at “$20 million a kilo”.

well that’s definitely what i’ve got then. did i mention my bike weighs 15kg’s??

I don’t get why everyone wants to turn their “probably mint in it’s own right” frame into a Conlago.

Track bike removed? and the Roadie, The unconfirmed colnago is sitting at $355