Colnago Tripple Triangle

fukk me, first ive seen.

COLNAGO 80’s Master Equilateral Columbus Gilco tubing - eBay (item 110644715037 end time Feb-10-11 20:53:33 PST)

Hot damn!

Some more photos would be nice…

I nearly got one of these in the US back in 09, it was so nice (I ended up getting a 3Rensho roady instead!). I reckon this is the ultimate triple triangle frame!

Edit: actually the ultimate triple triangle frame for me would be a colnago bititan.

Erle, i dont think a Bititan would last you too long, i’ve had one and it cracked.

Have a look on the Shifter Bikes web page.

I stand corrected. They look good though! (yeah yeah, looks definitely aren’t everything)

Anywhere I could Triple Like this?