Colossi build.

I’ve been riding this around for a few weeks, thought I should post it and see what you guys think. Personally, I couldn’t be happier with my first build.

Frameset: Lugged Colossi, raw finish
Wheelset: Sun Rims/formula hubs from velomine
Drivetrain: Roselli cranks, 45t ring, 16t freewheel, kmc cool chain
Bars: Nitto Bullhorns,
Stem: 3ttt
Seatpost: freebie
Saddle: San Marco Rolls
Pedals: mks gr9
Brakes: Campy veloce

There will be a few edits to happen in the next month or so. Waiting on some drilled forks to come so I can ditch the back brake, grow some balls and make it fixed. A fixed cog and lockring are also in the post.

I think I might have to ditch the bullhorns and get some Nitto 123’s. As much as I love the horns, the reach is just too brutal for me.

Kudos to Commuter Cycles & Mr P-Dub for all his help.

This is rad. Saddle looks it might be angled up a touch?

i dig it, i also dig you got hugs from formula! man i wish i got a hug right now

rear brakes do the best skids
i don’t really like mismatched tyres
+1 get saddle sorted

Yeah, those pics were from a few weeks ago, I’ve tweaked the saddle since then.

Nice first build, curious as to how much it cost all up.

Frame and fork are very nice.

awsome first set up, generally bull horns you would run a slightly shorter stem to compensate. If you put nitto 123s on that, the drops will be even more brutal to ride in!

am i missing something or is there no full picture of the bike?

Those Roselli cranks look really nice for the cash.

? There should be. The first picture is a full shot. Are other people seeing it?
I think the full build, including labour, cost me around 1400-1600. Totally blew the budget, but I adore it so I’m not too worried. A fair bit of it is second hand (saddle, stem, seatpost, bars).

yes, you are missing something…namely the full pic of the bike at the top of the thread!!

fark. now you see it now you don’t. there’s some houdini shit going on in my computer!

how much did the colossi frame set you back, and how long was the turn-around from contact to receival?

The frame (and forks) were 550 inc postage. The turn around was about a month.