Colossi Low Pro, finally

ordered this back in June, finally got it on Friday…

build deets on pedalroom but here are some pics - Colossi Low Pro - Custom - Pedal Room

in bits and bobs before getting built

and some others

Damn, custom paint looks real good. Nice build.
The only thing I don’t like is the Kashimax. Looks too small on this frame. All the way forward on no setback looks a bit TT funky too.

Maaaaaan sweet colour way. Tyre labels lined up with the valves n’ all, cop that haters.

One word… Tuff!

Two words, No femurs
Seriously the front of your saddle is in front of the bb.

love the paint! looks good


I like!

Haht! Sweet build mayne

Rad, looks aggressive as hell.

Do love the paint and built list, ditto Dayne’s comment and I don’t know about everyone else but i’m a big fan of matching wheelsets and if you MUST deviate why oh why aesthetically at least would you go deep front and shallow rear?

I love an 88mm front with a shallow rear, especially on these style frames.
That or a trispoke… I’m all for the hhsb really.

Looks great man

Kashimax shipped in from Asia? How long did it take?

pedalroom has a lot to answer for.

Took around 2.5 weeks to make then ship

Thanks mate!! Loving my setup

Shipping pretty expensive?
Just realised you got the deda drop bullhorns, was thinking of getting them, pretty damn cheap on wiggle right now
How are they?

pretty decent… only gripe is the flat section of the bars, the flat bit is slightly angled backwards so its not that comfy if you are riding say more than 60km. there is a bit of a weird angle put on the wrist. its ok for me as i ride most on the horn section or at the bend

I prefer the cinelli mash horns any day but for the price these are going at im quite happy with them

looking good!.

yea, i think the stem reach and seatpost/seat angle has some problem`````