Colossi x Gear

After the death of my old frame, (I suppose thats what I get for naming a bike after a movie where the main character dies… ooops, spoiler) I decided to purchase new instead of second hand so I would know the history of the bike. I had heard awesome things about the Colossi x Gear frames, so I hit the buy button. Really happy with the service from Gear, happy to put up with all of my questions and to get the frame to me here in Canberra.

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to ride it yet as I have a medial ligament tear in my knee. I hate looking at it knowing I am yet to throw a leg over. I am really happy with the finish on the raw frame, it does have little imperfections like surface rust and file marks under the clear coat which gives the frame a uniqueness.

I transferred most parts over where I could.
Frame Clear coated Colossi x Gear 56cm frame
Wheels Weinmann Deep V DP18 wrapped in 700x23 maxxis refuse tyres. Salsa 17T w/lockring
Drivetrain 48T chainring on a 170mm SRAM S-300 crankset, SRAM GXP Bottom Bracket, Black Spank Tweet Tweet chain, Shimano SPD Pedals
Cockpit Cane Creek Headset, Thomson Headstem, Salsa pro moto carbon handlebars, Jetblack lock on grips, tektro brakes with dirty harry lever
Saddle Thomson seat post and San Marco Rolls saddle

Not sure I share your love of that style fork.
looks nice overall though in raw.

Have you had your Knee MRI’d yet?
When I did my medial ligament(squatting down), I also tore medial meniscus,and ended up having 50% of the cartilage removed as the tear was to severe to stitch.Now i got bone on bone contact in that part of my knee.Sucks being off the bike ,I know, but cycling is good for remediation and strengthening your knee once it’s healed.

Fork… it came with the frame. I don’t mind it… it will do the job :slight_smile:

No MRI as yet. It isn’t too painful but whenever I did some running it flared up and become tender. The physician diagnosed it as a grade 1 tear which is meant to take 4-6 weeks. It is now 5 weeks and it is feeling pretty good… heading to physio again tomorrow as I am heading to Japan in a month for the snow and am very motivated to get it all healed. About 7 years ago I also tore a flap in the meniscus on the same knee so it could be an ongoing injury I will deal with forever. Shit thing is though, the physician noticed a pretty substantial loss of muscle on my fucked leg. Now I can’t flex the crap out of my quads to impress the ladies!

Looks tough! I’m really tempted to pick up one of these frames, probably after my Kenny-E.

Nice, I like the fork reminds me of an On-One type design

love it.

I left the frame raw on my conversion and it looked sick. I was gonna rattle can it tiger striped, but i think ill just clear coat it now.

Very tidy bike looks awesome.

That kind of fork crown style is generally known as a Yo Eddy. Look up Fat Chance (OG builders started Indy Fab, A.N.T… )