Colossi x Gear

Hey all, have had this bike for a while now and finally think its time to put it up here.
Thanks to the guys at gear for helping me put this together.

Frame - Colossi x Gear w/ Satin forks

Crankset - SRAM Omnium 48t - GXP bb

Pedals - Duo Resilite w/ SGB foot retention

Drive train - Roselli 16T Cog - 17t freewheel

Handlebars- Vision base bars - Random tape - Cinelli ant stem

Saddle - Selle San Marco Rolls w/ titanium rails - C-unit seat post

Brakes - Tektro R530 - Tektro lever

Wheels - Deep V rims w/ Hubs - Duro stinger tires.

To come - Not sure yet, might replace Deep V’s with h+ archetype + ph or miche hub… or im open to suggestions as to what would be a good new wheel set.

nice, spokes for sure. srs.

looks good man. i like the simple colour scheme

where’d you get the bars ? They come from gear too ?

Edit: ^^This. Would look awesome

Level that saddle out and de-sticker the rear wheel.

Oh… and Aerospokes.

Not a fan of aerospokes! But cheers, didn’t even know that sticker could come off.

@lach yeah man, got em at gear

@jase not understanding the reference

Sweet clean ride man. Really like those bullhorns. I’d stick with the deep v’s, I’ve had a set for ages and they’re bomber.

Those frames are nice. I’d ride it.

nice, get that saddle levelled out, horizontal from front to back i believe is the guide on rolls? do you cross the story bridge on your commute? i think you smashed past me one morning near the big ol school there?

Good to know! I’ll have to adjust that cheers.
and most likely that was me, I often include story bridge in my loop. If Im not going to hard out chuck us a wave next time.

looks good man… just pour hot water on the velocity sticker n it’ll peel off nicely

I like it.

I’d stay with DeepVs. And saddle angle is up to you, mate :slight_smile: sounds like you’re smashing it “despite doing it wrong”.

Is your brake just there for decoration (eg; keep the cops off your back)? The shoes seem all wonky and the lever is really low.

Other than that, saddle comment notwithstanding, approved.