Coloured Tyres?

Cool or not?


Coloured tyres are over rated.

Especially the white ones. There is a good reason why tyres are black- rubber durability.

They never match my grips properly.

+1 coloured tyres are never going to last as long as the black ones, Black is back.

Yes they’re cool. They reflect more light and so don’t absorb as much heat while sitting in the sun outside your favourite hipster cafe/bar.

<extreme pedant>
Your logic has a flaw Horatio, They have higher durability and traction because they have ~25% carbon black in them, not because they’re black.
</extreme pedant>

PS: Do you still want those tyre liners?

does that mean that black tyres are worse for the environment than coloured ones

No because the coloured ones are just black ones with colour… :-o :expressionless:

They just go black in 2 weeks anyway so you may as well just get black ones. Or is that the same as buying pre-worn-out jeans?

Blak tyres are carbon neutral since they have extra carbon in them and when it goes to the tip it will be returned to mother earth. :smiley: