Coloured Wheels?

hey does any one know where to get or order coloured tires? Im after either all blue or blue and black.
Let me know.

There’s stacks of them out there. Most of the michelins come in blue/black and so do alot of the cheaper brands. Most decent bike shops will be able to sort you out.

Bike shops are a good place to start for tyres.

+1. where i buy most of mine.

Who would have thought.

have you tried a bike shop

I saw some at the bike shop.

has anyone suggested a bike shop?

Don’t fall into the trap of buying form over function like powdah did…
BOOOM!! :evil:

That tyre failed out of shame. A salmon tyre on a celeste rim?! :stuck_out_tongue:

who makes white tyres? I’ve seen some Vittoria’s and some Grand Compe’s but both of them seem kind of hard to come by here in little Adelaide… Is the net just the easiest for something like that? Are there any other brands around that people know of?