Im getting a new fixie and i dont no what colour i want. The guy says i have a choice of about 100 colours. Post what colours u reckon look sweet on a bike. I need some inspiration.

cheers :mrgreen:

and also tell me some colours u dont like on a fixed gear. this includes seats, rims, tyres, etc.

I like dirt coloured bikes. Just ride it.

what’s your favorite colour don’t worry about whats in you have to ride the bike every day. Is it going to be your sunday ride or your daily ride if it’s you daily it has to look good dirty. Check out the rims I am selling for inspiration. :sunglasses:

[color=Yellow][color=Pink]Pink frame / forks, pink rims, pink seat and pink bar tape or grips. Everything else white. It’ll look fucking hot.[/color][/color]

Peach… there aren’t enough Peach coloured bikes around.

If only Sheldon was still alive, he could do a page on colour ways

find something you like on then copy it

What about this?

You might need to replace a tube or two to get a similar match. :wink:

sweet bike… just dosent really do it for me bro.

Hey, that’s pretty cool. Better for design heads than bubble wrap !

‘twas a joke.

When it comes to colours on a bike, pick what colours you like. You don’t need other people on teh internetz telling you what colours to paint your frame, anodize your cranks or what colour tape to wrap your bars in.

FWIW, I prefer silver or black cranks wheels and silver or black parts (cranks, stem, bars etc). Go crazy on everything else.

i was thinking maybe a black frame and white everything else. or black frame then go all crazy with the colours of the parts. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d rather have a bike with nice components, that will last for ages and work well, than one of those stupid matchy-matchy bikes that look like like something in a lolly shop.

Fair enough to find things that look good together, but given the huge range of stuff that comes in silver or black, and the fact you usually end up upgrading bits anyway, I wouldn’t worry too much about exact shades of peach at this stage. I’ve seen so many bikes around Sydney with crappy cheap components that have been carefully-repainted white or red, seems a bit silly to me when plain silver is fine, and ages better anyway.

My opinion- get whatever quality parts you can for a good price, and spend the leftover time riding your bike.


you know the colour of your shit after you eat a really fucking spicy vindaloo and then follow it up with that unnaturally green bubblegum flavoured icecream at The Great Australian Icecreamery. And your arse starts bleeding when you take the shit.
That colour!

Blood fart beige?? is tthat the colour???

my favroute colour bike is ‘already-stolen’ colour thatg way your shit wont get ripped. or latley i ahve become obsesed w/ stickers.