columbus air tubing kit

Columbus air - road frame tubing kit - Aerodynamic | eBay

Woah rust… I wouldn’t build with this

kinda looks superficial to me. hard to tell in the pics.
but i don’t know much about these things.

yeah the lugs look ok, its that last photo, end on of the tubes that scares me

yea those are a bit scary kinda looks like it’s gotten into the metal. only way to find out is get it and dip it to get rid of all the rust and see how bad the pitting is. worth a gamble if you know someone that will dip it for free or cheap. i might have to watch this


be interesting to know who ‘father’ is.

oh, and that aero seatpost!

Columbus Air came out in the early 1980’s correct?

WOW got over 500