Columbus EL roadie

Just posted this up on the bay
Road bike Columbus EL OS Campagnolo Chorus groupset | eBay

Damn, that’s nice.
Way too big for me too, but geez it’ll make someone very happy.





(Edit: Almost foiled by the anti-capslock filter!)

Awww shit dave, I didn’t even… hahahaha aww shit

Dang it’s just about the right size, but I’ll resist.

Wiggo built my Paconi with EL-OS. Buttery smooth it is. Somebody get on this.

I rode this bike a few times to work and am pissed that grumpypants (my little brother) is selling it, beautiful machine

Bahaha. This has made my day

Also free shipping for members :wink:

is a shame it’s too small, I wouldn’t have minded a drive to the ACT!

ends soon guys, get on it

I’ll throw in a decent condition brown san marco rolls & a really good condition, gunmetal grey, 120 3ttt stem :slight_smile:

Oh yeah, and the original cleats with a set of very nineties large spd shoes

Relisted fo cheaper.

I’m shocked at what people pay for stuff on eBay and more shocked that nobody bought this for $900. At $750 it’s a steal.

Maybe it’s because EL is less known? I’d buy it in a heartbeat if it was a bit smaller.

Sames. As my ‘occasional’ bicycle.

My EL roadie at times feels nicer than the MAX,

Grumpy, I’ve worded up a guy at work about this bike, it’s very nice.

Thanks. And I agree, El was the top racing grade tubing of the max era. same alloy as MAX, slightly lighter and slightly less stiff. Makes for a beautiful frame for longer distances, I’d take it over the modern spirit anyday, on 200-300 grams heavier than spirit and the ride quality is so much more comfortable. If i can find an unbuilt tubeset i’m getting a custom built road frame in EL by my bro at Kumo cycles :slight_smile: