Columbus Max Hillbrick Road Frame 57cm

Very cheap starting price!
Let the bidding war begin!

Hillbrick Track Fixie Single Speed frame Columbus 57cm | eBay

Very tempting. But what’s with the weird geometry? 53x57 and a shallow angle headtube?

Also - this whole thing of labelling road frames as “fixies/track weapons” is really getting out of hand.

long arms / short legs?

Exactly it’s a custom frame after all.

For a gorilla?

apparently gorillas ride bikes too haha

There’s other reasons for having a longer top tube than just strange body dimensions…

Crit frames sometimes have this geometry for a more aero position, or it can simply be a compact design to change the handling and you can set it up to fit the same as a square frame with a positive rise stem and or spacers. But imo it looks like ass to do that so you’ll have no competition from me on this frame!

I’ll play… will need a monster seat post… but i need a frame for my ergo stem!

I would ask where its measured.
Could be overall top centres seat or some thing like that.

I’m sick of these misleading titles… fixie/track rubbish. As gypsy points out, it’s a ROAD frame!

Don’t forget the old “mint condition - a few minor scratches”.

Feeling a bit crazy, I put a bid on this and won. I have a hunch the geometry is actually going to work out fine.

Daggy late 90s roadbike build coming right up.

And MAX!

Good score! Do keep us all in the loop!

Have a hunch? Or you asked him how he measured it?

but those vertical dropouts are a dream to convert to a “fixie or track weapon.”…