Come n' try day at DISC 7 Dec

CSV are running another come n’ try day at DISC on 7 Dec according to their latest e-letter.

Link as per the following:


I was there for the 9.00 session sunday morning.

First time on the track and loved it! Anyone else here in the same session?

I’m already planning on having another go this sunday…


I was there at 7:30… first time on the track as well and I must say it was pretty damn fun! Those walls are way steep… also cool helping out the girl in the cages try to find those tiny little track bikes for kids. They’re like little 1/2 scale replicas of proper bikes! Cool shit…

Hey Dave i was the Brunswick guy there helping out. I should be there this Sunday. Give us a yell if you need a hand with anything.

Thanks Damoh, will do.