come see cadel.

well, i’ve got the day off work to go see cadel on friday. who’s with me?

Premier confirms final details of Cadel celebration

yep, so long as ive thrown this sickness.

I will be at work but I will duck out for it for sure.

reckon he’ll get fined for not having a bell?

I’ll be there for work

I’ll be there.

i’m gonna get a tow off him

you had better not miss it, google says it will be over in 52 seconds

Will be there…FOA box?

less, the road will be closed for him.

(bummed I can’t go, all the same :frowning: )

Will be there with work most likely-if you spot me in a group of three towing trailers come say hi

damn… been on sick leave for a week and have to go back today. bummer.

anyone keen on joining up for a staedler and waldorf style “cynical bastard” bloc should get in touch.

Hell krew tent?

i’ll be there. should we organise a meet-point?

Interested in man dates.

seven seeds, 11.30.

i got the day off if i dont have an iterview i’ll be there in hell krew kit

actually, some stuff has come up. i’ll meet folks at wednesday night ride meeting point at 12.

I will meet at fed sq at 12 too.