coming soon .....

Not involved but I hope to be able to make it down for this event. The only details I have so far are as reads below. What sort of moustache should I grow?

Wow!! How excitIng!

You have an Older bike I can borrow?



That rules most of us out.

Yes, but that’s too easy. Far better to build something up and get into the whole spirit of the event.

I’m in for the wine and cheese part of the spirit :wink:

Call me young, but my idea of an older bike is from the early 90s. 600 Brifters are retro, right?

Dream On :wink:

Page seems down? Link to rules plz?

This is from the Italian website, not sure whether the Aussie one will follow the same rules:

Any idea on the cut off date for bikes is?
what’s the youngest bike allowed.

will an 86 merckx do?

most probably have seen this, but if you didn’t, check it out

there’s a thread here

Tmasz and i had an awesome weekend on the noosa trip, i hope they are strict with the no alloy thing…

whats the no alloy thing?

Alloy bikes have been used since 1920’s, Ti since the late 60’s and carbon since 1976. Plenty of Classic and elegant bikes that aren’t steel. I love steel but to appreciate only classic steel bikes is blinkered. Graftek

sorry, no modern alloy, details details…

And I’m just winding you up.

I like the idea of drawing the line somewhere, it concentrates the mood/philosophy and sets the tone … but it’s hard to be a 100% stickler for the rules because as I hinted at above there are exceptions. My Vitus is glued alu and it’s pretty much exactly to 1982 spec for all the parts. Quite classic. I’m sure it would get sniffed at on such rides yet others on late 90’s steel bikes with all modern running gear would think themselves “retro” and keeping to some “olde world” schtick even though they are far from it.

As I mentioned It’s not easy to draw the line. I couldn’t care if people rode old bikes but substituted modern shoes/pedals, helmets, tyres and brake pads. All of these are far better than what was originally available and is more a matter of safety rather than aesthetics.

ride anything, and just wear argyle socks and rock a b17 :wink:

Ah, molto grazie. So I can get the Fuji to comply with the period parts. Plans afoot, dont tell the wife (yet).

  • grow a moustache (like Booney)

Ha !!

I wonder if there’ll be threads in late April on by wives wondering why their husbands grew moustaches, spent a lot fo time in the shed and then disappeared for a “business weekend” without any prior warning?

I’m gonna ask Mrs. Spirito along. If that fails maybe we can start a car share for this event. I hope there’s somewhere half decent to stay down there.

So this is like a tweed ride for cashed up old guys?

It’s Boonie. <rolls eyes>