coming to australia in january or so...

hi, i’m a new york city messenger (living in brooklyn), and i’m going to be visiting melbourne for a few months in early '09. just thought i’d drop in and say hi, maybe make some acquaintances before heading on over… i have been there before, earlier in '08, with a band that i’m in. obviously, due to the nature of touring, i didn’t become very well acquainted with any singular city.

also, i’ll be looking for work for at least a short spell when i’m there. i’ve worked on my bike for i think a spot over four years now and don’t want to do anything besides mess, but understand that there are certain legalities involved when looking for work without a visa that might make it an impossibility… anyone know of any other jobs i should look into?

be well, maybe meet some of you soon.

hi stephen! this is brendan who used to live with tj. i’m looking forward to you coming out on rides with us this summer…

hello stephen.
plenty of people to ride with here.

and drink with.

Just ride with a brake while you’re here or you’ll be held hostage in our country or put to the gallows .

Or you can just run from the law. They only ride clunker Kona MTB’s.

Hurry up and come already. :smiley:

i’m trying!!!

hi tj !!! welcome home :slight_smile:

Hey dude, I’ll see you today at some point. I’m without a bike for the next week or so though.

anyway back to topic -

i’ve already saved so much! almost there!

and thanks to tara, i don’t even have to bring a frame…!!!