Commonwealth Games Cycling Schedule.

Can anyone find a commonwealth (aka colonialist) games cycling schedule for me? i’m too inept to do so, but wouldn’t mind watching some of it. i think meares is up in the time trial tonight, but have no idea what time it’ll be on TV. if it’s on at the same time as masterchef, i’ll have trouble deciding.

Glasgow 2014 - Schedule

Click the local time option and then click on the desired day/event to see what’s on when.

starts after master chef just for you XBBX (on actual channel 10 anyway)

Go andy!

what? it’s out of brent, jamie, emelia or laura.

i kinda want laura or brent to win.

I stopped watching a few weeks in. I really like the cocktail maker dude - but he turned into an arrogant twat. Is Laura the young Italian girl? She seemed pretty skilled for her age.


fucken thank fuck.

rides a fixie, cool guy imo/in real life

Spirito approved is all good with me. What bar does/did he work at? I thought he was from Melbs?

PS - Go Andy + Cam!

Channel 1 seems to have decent catch up coverage (yet to try). Still doesn’t seem to show event broadcast times / schedule.

Cycling - Network Ten
How to Watch - Network Ten

The ten play app is a pile of steaming shit (for comm games anyway)
It DOES feature 8 live streams or whatever as advertised, but it appears not to actually tell you what’s on the free to air TV channels (1 and 10), lists the content on the streams wrong (you can see a thumbnail of each feew anyway so you can tell it’s showing gymnastics while the lable below says badminton etc.
then everytime you want to change into a stream you get at least 45 seconds of adds (swapping back and forth between cycling and gymnastics with MrsFROG last night i could quite happily hunt down a kill Josh Thomas i saw that optus add so many times)
Oh yeah and you have to sign in through facebook etc before it’ll let you watch the live streams WTF

Clears that up, maybe I’ll have to get the playstation to record when the interesting events are live and hope they broadcast it.

Track is being played a bit this morning on TV, I’d love to know the gearing they are using, huge gear and huge power puts some serious stress on the carbon.

EDT: Result spoiler alert (highlight line under to see)
Anna Meares Gold in womens 500 standing start

How come the athletes get an ashtray as well as a medal on the rostrum?

or is it a soap dish ?

It’s a chop bowl/peptide crushing motar and pestle… Drrrrr

Also “cyclingtorrents” are offering all the cycling games coverage as a freebie :slight_smile:

Trying to work out why the Triathletes bikes had their logos blacked out yet the Track cyclists are blazoned with theirs?

And the bowl, it’s this:, Livingstone was just talking about it in the swimming coverage. So bring on the single malt!

I have a similar thing, picked up in France at a wine tasting.

Means you get a good aroma, flavour profile and colour.

If Brent doesn’t win I am going to cry!

^^ Hey I’ve got one of those, from Beaune?

Yeah man. Near there anyway; Nuit St George. Chateau Andre Ziltener, while on honeymoon.

Tonight - the womens and mens XC is on. Get on it!