Commonwealth Games

Velodrome tickets have been sold out for ages :frowning: Does anyone know where one might perhaps get a ticket this late, or have some they’d like sell off?

1265 more tickets out 9am on Monday 23rd! ace.

Awesome. Thanks for posting this. :slight_smile:

I have to say, I was a little disapointed last night.

Firstly… I could spot at least a couple of hundred empty seats at the velodrome. Where the fuck do the people that organise these things get off telling us it was booked out. It was far from booked out. I mean, I can think of any number of people that really wanted to go. I’ll be interested to hear from anyone who goes over the next 4 sessions if the crowd isof the same density. And an empty stadium doesn’t help the atmosphere!

Secondly… The commentary and the crowd.
The womens 500. The poor pom (now, there is nothing I love better than beating a pom, but). The bloody commentators didn’t even mention her, or ask the crowd to congratulate her. Aussie this, Meares this… Aussies are meant to be hospitable and good sports arn’t they??

And then, when the Mens individual pursuit was being presented, half the crowd was walking out. Poor form in my books. If some one gets a medal, doesn’t matter who(aussie or not) it is. Good on them. You (the spectator) arn’t good enough to get one, so give them a clap.

On a good note. The Fijians who went round the track very very slowly in the Indiv Pers, got a great round of applause. The poor buggers were on an off the shelf Avanti and were sharing the one bike between the three of them. I think only one of them managed to get on to the aero bars. The others didn’t seem to know what they were for.

Anyway, enough of the rant. Twas a good night.


Even from the back row it was amazing!

Highlights: Ross Edgar’s helmet (and aggressive riding), the all charcoal New Zealand team pursuit squad, crowd heckling the Meares sisters’ on-track antics, some great tactical victories, very close finishes, and a bonus U19 points race!

The crowd was excellent and there were only a handful of empty seats.

My only complaint would be about the biased race commentary and embarrassing “pits” interview girl. We do not live in “straya”, it takes more than an annoying rise in pitch at the end of a sentence fragment to form a valid question, and the word is “specific” not “pacific”… Would have been good to have the tv coverage piped back into the arena, or a portable tv maybe. Still - I agree with Lats, it was a good night out!

I got some blurry photos taken through binoculars, will upload as soon as I get back to the coast.

Some photos:

Mostly blurred or too far away, but there are some great moments that were not televised.


It’s tough taking decent pics with a digicam at Vodafone isn’t it?

I think it must be the bad lighting and crappy flashes that most digicams have.

At the world championships I took about 100 pics and three of them were good :slight_smile:

Bring back the SLR I say!!

Have you noticed the change in tourists over the last half decade?
They used to walk around with their eye stuck to a camera… Now they walk around arms outstretched looking at a 2 inch screen.

Ahhh, The digital age…

Actually - I’d go further: It’s hard taking a photo anywhere with a digicam. I had to set everything on manual and shoot through binoculars. Out of 100+ shots - the best is probably the shit snapshot of the whinging kid at the end :confused: When I showed the little brat what he looked like on the camera it shut him up at least ahah.

I really like this shot:

But probably because of the memory of the rest of the race, which got a bit nasty around the final corner.