Commute with Camera?

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Derailing this thread: ‘Society is fucked’ is a #firstworldproblem when you live in Australia.

THE MESSIANIC VISIONS OF HORATIO. This guy knows what’s up.

Is that like #MESSLIFE?


I’m picturing this down Sydney Rd, like a Remi Gaillard type thing.

ftfy… on FOA? unlikely!

This thread makes me want to videobomb people with cams, Tommy Voeckler style.

Google glass


spotted this on the weekend at bigW, for $48, its pretty damn cheap for what it is. Just gota figure out a mount

yeah that is cheap, i guess for that price its worth a shot

I often read the moron motorists, and dumb ped/cyclist thread over on BNA. It really puts a load of doubt in your mind, plus anything else you see in your own rides. I’ve been toying with the idea, but it seems there is a lack of cases that actually go to court or are filed against the offender, even with footage.

Only the recent high profile cases that have clear cut camera footage have got results, and they’re paltry at that, a fine or a small time without a license. i.e. Collins st dooring.

Then you can look at the recent crash, where 8 cyclists that were hit from behind going up Southern Cross Drive in Syd. And due to a lack of evidence the driver is now claiming he blacked out. Would a camera prove beyond reasonable doubt he did? Hard to say, and some suggest that the footage might actually prove otherwise, so why not have a camera, but what would the driver be actually charged with, culpable/dangerous driving at best, which hardly fits the damage done.

Either way cameras are only as good as the evidence, and then the authorities actually following through.

^^ Bear in mind if you’re injured and sue for damages, the footage would be a great shortcut to protracted litigation (normally takes 3-4 years from incident to get to trial)

better to have it and not need it then need it and not have it i guess

I wear a super prominent old GoPro from time to time and people act completely different IF THEY SEE IT. Put yours more prominently perhaps. Pedestrians are the best, sheepishly getting out of shot… ha. Basically if you put it on and think ‘Fuck that looks sort of stupid’ it is probably going to work well. Forehead area recommended. Of course you can’t expect any motorist to be paying attention enough to actually see it but those that do are careful.

There is also the fly6 camera, $135USD that replaces your rear tail light and just discreetly records 720p CCTV loop footage behind you. Advertised as 5hrs per charge… ‘Set and forget’ is their marketing. However, you don’t get that be-careful-theres-a-gronk-with-a-camera affect, because it sort of just looks like a tail light. Still pre-order… Buy Now - HD Camera & Tail-light Combo

Wonder how cyclists will go enforcing 1m passing laws with their cameras in QLD…

This is Shimano’s, links with your Garmin so you get telemetry (if that’s the correct usage?)
Shimano introduces sport camera with Wifi, ANT+ capabilities -

I used to wear one in Darwin and collected plenty of footage of dodginess. I sent one particular bit that scared to shit out of me to the cops; someone cutting across me at speed, missing me by centimetres. The cops found the driver and charged them with some kinda charge that carried a $500+ fine.

I found that having it on my helmet effected my psychology when I was riding. It was on my mind, and I was always looking out for the slightest transgressions to record. This is my problem though, not the camera’s. I stopped wearing it when I moved to Melbourne and am a much happier and more chilled cyclist, but I can certainly imagine that one day, at some point, I’m going to wish I had a bit of key footage that would clear up an otherwise he says she says situation.

Zipties through that lower mount.
Or it looks like it’d work with GoPros 10102102 mounts that they have available, probably cost more than the camera though.

I wonder if the fly6 can have measurement grids in the camera so you can then measure accurately, i.e. enforcement of 1metre?

A lot of guys are trying to work out via fixed size elements in view, which isn’t as accurate.


Not simple to do accurately.

Grids in the camera won’t help without range finding data too.

Unless you’re hit, good luck proving <1m pass.