Commuter Buildup Help

Hey lads,

First post here…

I am looking at building up a tip bike just to keep me busy over the holidays and will then use it for a 14km ride to and from work most days. I will be looking at going for a SS setup with a budget of $500-$600

Here is the frame I am looking at that I found at the local tip for $20.

Does anyone know anything about these bikes?

Oh, and if anyone has any tips + advice, spare parts, better frames, complete bikes, stories, please let me know. If it helps I am about 180cm @ 80kg.

$500 to $600 can get you a new complete bicycle that is fairly decent or a pretty good 2nd hand one.

Personally, I wouldn’t spend that much on that Oxford. $100 at the most … and even that might be too much.

Either convert this bike cheaply or look for something else that is worth spending money on.


I would agree with Des.
Although you could buy a cheap set of track wheels and use all the existing components to create a cheap street fixie.

Cool, I will pass on this bike then. I just didn’t know the story of the bike and if it was any good.

If anyone has anything lying around that would suit me as a base to start, please let me know.

Thanks again for your help!

You could do a ss conversion on that for basically zero if you wanted a shitter to ride to the pub.