Commuter Cup Alleycat 27th Jan

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We have decided to hold an alleycat.

The route will be based around a couple of everyone’s favourite Category 6 thoroughfares. It will be easy to navigate and no tasks to complete at the checkpoints; hopefully this will make for a fast paced ride.

Registration will kick off at 6PM at Flagstaff Gardens with the official start at 7PM. Checkpointers/photographers are always welcome and the $5 entry fee will go towards beers for them.

In honour of our lycra clad friends we will be giving a prize to the best commuter inspired “costume”. If you compete on a recumbent, you automatically win a prize.


Saint Cloud
Santa Cruz
Rue De Fluerus - After party= $5 pints of Little Creatues, White Rabbit + Cider
Cruex Clothing
Roadrunner Bags
Gear Brisbane

With more to be announced.

Lots of love,

Kitchristopher, Dead Legs + Spider.

Quicknote: The end will NOT be at Flagstaff so bring what you can carry.

Will I get beer if I pay $5 entry or just checkpointers?

I will put a few cartons on for everybody. Tecate or Melbourne Bitter, Pip?

Haha, probably whatever is cheaper at the bottle-o, that’s the way I purchase beers.

Tecate for all!

hey Pip, I thought you retired

i’m in. mainly for the $5 pints of deliciousness after :stuck_out_tongue:
anybody got a fluoro raincoat i can borrow?

i dunno, i heard you destroy raincoats…

Not from drinking

that hurts brendan. i still feel guilty that i lost it, even though it had already disintegrated.

i have this great mental image of you riding through the hail, with that rain jacket in shreds, flying off you like flames.

Flyer up!

HAHAHA lovin’ it, good job man!

Freakin BUMP!

This is happening Friday that’s right ppl 2 sleeps.

Get amongst it

Checkpointers please rock up around 6:15 and we work out were we are sending y’all.

See you all Friday!

I can’t make it to the race but I’ll see you guys at the after party :slight_smile:

Awesome news!

Antman’s gonna be there?
I will be too

let me know when your there, we’ll have a beer

I’ll be there, it’s been organized!