Commuter down this morning Richmond

Cyclist hit at the corner of Swan and Stanley streets, Richmond

lost a leg,

I hope they are o.k, thoughts to family and friends

not good, I personally went through a windscreen on swan street 6 years ago. even walking that street gives me shudders.

*which is shit because its just down the road.

didn’t make the news, but a friend of a friend went down on elizabeth this morning too - broken jaw and a few things dislocated. Driver didn’t stop.

  • carefull out there folks…

Article says that police are investigating whether he was hit by a truck. So I presume that means whoever hit him didn’t stop. No good.

Battered cyclist ponders value of of a ticket to ride

^You dont know how angry it makes me when it’s mentioned that if cyclists had licenses or were registered then it would go a long way towards car drivers ‘respecting’ them. What the fuck is that! Seriously, they are justified in their aggressive behavior somehow? Fuck me…

Thoughts go out. horrifically sobering story.
Hope he does recover with the prosthetic Limb enough lead as normal a life as possible.
^^chaz, any witnesses there to grab reg?
^and I agree license is NOT the way to go, it’s a short sighted plan.

Na, nothing apparently. Pretty shit.

My heart goes out to that gentleman, but the article is damaging to the cause… The Age website had it positioned right beside their Ride to Work feature. :confused:

so true…

Cyclists already pay for roads, through their taxes (not through car registration, as many seem to think). The victim in this story is misguided if he thinks there’s a need for cyclists to contribute more funding to make roads safer for them.
As for instilling respect for cyclists in motorists - an education campaign is what’s needed, as well as enforcement of road law - for cyclists too, of course.
Cyclists have every right to be on the road. It is also one of the healthiest ways to get around. Cycling isn’t going to go away, so it is the responsibility of all of us and government to ensure safety.

Read more: Battered cyclist ponders value of a ticket to ride


I also dont like the inference that better bike paths (read segregated) are the answer.

He also believes the state government must consider mandatory licences for cyclists, which could increase respect between riders and motorists, with the revenue funnelled into better bike paths.

‘‘Drivers have to have more respect for cyclists and, in order to get that to work, the cyclists have to earn the respect,’’ he said.

mate, it sucks that you got fucked up, but this line of thought is fucking stupid.


Who here rides and doesn’t already have a licence? It’d be a small minority I bet.

I can’t drive.

doesn’t geeves do the driving for you?

after he ties his cravat and irons his newspaper?!

I prefer to call him Reginald.

My wife and I both have licences, yet we both choose ride (pretty much) everywhere. We pay rego and insurance. We ride becuase it’s fun, it’s cheap, we have free parking everywhere we go and it’s healthy (plus it’s so hot right now).

There is no fucking way I am getting a “bike licence” or paying for bike registration. I know the road rules, and I choose not to break them. I don’t want to ride on the footpath. It’s more dangerous.

Also, my wife just weighed in with “what would a bike licence done for Ken Anderson? Would the truck not have hit him because he was licenced?”

I would love it if there were segregated bike paths everywhere. That would be super beyond belief awesome.

It’s illegal. Unless you are with a minor (under 12?). Is this state dependant?

I prefer to ride, as in my case it takes half the time to get to the city as opposed to driving. I also save a lot from fuel and parking. (close to a couple hunge a week) also prefer to use the bike paths… less worrying about cars, more focusing on mashing past roadies/commuters. lol