Commuter got /told./

This morning a wobbly commuter (shorts, mountain bike, backpack) fanged past my GF, but must have done something stoopid earlier because another commuter behind them both (a gent in a suit - awesome) caught up to the dude at the next lights and gave him a serve. After Mr Wobbles rode off, Mr Suit turns to GF and asks “Do you think itsunk in?” and with a wink he rode on. Charming bastard :wink:

Do cyclists need to self-police? Vote early, vote often.

You didn’t put up an option I thought was appropriate so…

It’s great to yell at others if their actions could harm someone else. But if someone has a go at me for running lights, splitting lanes or some other stupid thing I do they can go n get… I’m very hypocritical when it comes to this.

“Woblers” should go learn to ride before they take to the streets. Same goes for people with toe straps who have no idea. :evil: :evil:

Edit: In saying this I’m not suicidal and I don’t take a risk that isn’t calculated. After all I do like making it home each day to ride again.

I’m a mind your own business kind of guy, and it goes both ways.

Don’t be a dickhead, and ride / drive safe! It’s not that hard. :wink:

Just ask them if they want to race to the next set of lights.

For the record, Mr Wobbly probably cut Mr Suit on the left, in the bike lane / gutter on Collins somewhere b/w Spring and Russell. Passing on the left is a minor offence most of the time, but the worst case scenario there is if you suddenly lean towards the kerb at a yellow light and someone decides they’re going to fang past on the inside, they’re running the risk of colliding and sending you both into the intersection and potentially into the path of oncoming traffic.

Don’t want to turn this into a “pet hates” thread, but a pet hate of mine I’ve wanted to have a whinge about is when slower cyclists repeatedly overtake and stop in front of me at red lights. I re-overtake as soon as the lights turn green only for this pattern to be repeated at the next red light.

yep. they’re probably the same dickheads that race to the red light in their cars.

My favourite variation on this theme is passing somone going a lot slower than me then when I stop at a red light they blow through the lights (which on my commute usually results in a near miss with a B double) before proceeding blissfully and slowly on their way. When the light goes green I usually pass them again in ~200m and wonder why they were willing to risk their life for that 200 metres.
A slight variation in timming and the light goes green just as they arrive fully prepared to blow right through only problem is I am now making my way through the intersection which can result in an interesting situation as they overtake (usually in a manner which doesn’t exactly fill me with confidence). I am then faced with a dilema; do I overtake again and face this situation at every set of lights or do I just dawdle along behind and hope to avoid any carnage.
[/end rant]
P.S. ride to work day plenty of muppets everywhere

I know that well. The slower commuters bombing lights, I overtake, slower commute bombs another light, et al.

Oh well, they’ll learn.

i find these situations really embarrassing and just end up slowing down and finding another street where i can ride quickly on my own, i dont ride in peak hour, that is my smoking time

I find it annoying when riders with only a short commute to work race past me then only to stop unnecessarily at any hazard. They then race past me again when I over take them. I don’t have the legs to race everyone all the way to work every morning

Same here. The other annoying thing is when you pass one of these idiots and then you hear them madly clicking up gears behind you to take chase. Sad… just fucking sad :cry:

Or reversal, the people who tag you, but then get the shits when you tag them.

Fair’s fair.

I don’t have the legs to race everyone all the way to work every morning

PUSSY! :wink:

I hate it when (tubby) lycra-d up dudes draft you on the way home from work when your just cruising, not really wanting to race. Fuck you Trek guy, I’m on a fixed with risers, just fucking overtake. I know your behind me! Although it is fun to step up the pace and see them try and catch you, gears a-clicking…

My commute’s about 25k each way so I use swanston/st kilda rd as a bit of a warmup/cooldown. I am a fat man so I get drafted a lot. Sometimes I slow right down when they do that. Sometimes I slow right down and fart.

Sometimes when they come around me I make a short, sharp, loud PSSSSSSHHHHT!!! sound, like a tyre puncturing…and watch what they do.

i was riding down st kilda rd tonight, with some douche on a mtb, who was a little agro, and kept on overtaking me,. so he was riding in front of me, and all of a sudden he hauls on the anchor, and slows down to about 10kph, because there was a cyclist in front of him riding extremely slowly. he rides behind this guy for about 20 seconds before he cuts out and back in front, with his elbow out to purposefully clip the guy on the shoulder, i felt like pushing him into a parked car, major douche move-intimidating and assaulting slow cyclists.

Sounds like the same douche I saw hitting taxi’s parked outside Flinders St Station as he rode past. I mean every single one.

For fucks sake. :roll:

Whilst I don’t think its right to get self-righteous on the matter because I run red lights and lane split occasionally myself, if I saw a cyclist doing something stupid I would yell at them, or at least give them a heads up and advise them of improved methods. Its an unfortunate fact of society that when motorists judge one cyclist, they judge us all.