Commuter Pig

My commuter/night time training bike has had a makeover… a new top tube to remove a big bad dint/warp and a nice coat of paint. I’m not sure white is the best colour for a commuter, but too late now! Complete with a new set of retina burning magicshines for the front and rear. I’m just experimenting with the battery placement… I like that spot on the rear but it will probably interfere with the fender.

Bundy 531 road frame (63cm)
Ultegra 6600 brakes
Cane creek levers
Sram Ominium cranks,
Velocity deep v with 25c conti gatorskins
Shimano DA stem
Nitto noodle bars
Thomson post
Specialized toupe saddle
White Indudstries freewheel on the flip, DA cog and lock ring on the flop.
CK headset

Very nice practical bike. Hardly a pig. Look at the clearance at the front!

that quill looks like it’s not ideal with the angle of the bars. But I like the big frame, and it’s not bling which I also love.

nice frame
i like the components and it is a good set up for commuting.
what fenders do you plan?

yeah definitely not a pig. nice touches on the lug windows.
i’ve been thinking about the same idea for commuting - fixed with road bars, hoods and two brakes. best of both worlds. though as shifty pointed out today, hopping up kerbs with your weight forward on the hoods is a bit sketchy.

Alexander: I agree with you regarding the stem - it’s not perfect, the angle of the stem is slightly below horizontal and it’s nice to get the stem and bars aligned in one plain.

Fullface: I just have ‘strap on’ plastic mudguards - I like them to be easily removable. Plus, I doubt there is clearance for fenders… can you even get fenders that don’t require frame eyelets?

niice, have plans to build something similar!

Very nice and practical, +1 to the not a pig sentiments.

That’s very similar to Carlin’s fluoro abomination.

Try strapping the battery to the headtube. I reckon it’ll fit. Or maybe put a bottle cage there. Or a frame pump.

It is very similar to Carlins fluoro gem… it’ll good to compare them side by side.

Haha, it does fit there. Are you just jealous because you can’t fit a bottle in your frame? You can get fluoro camelbaks so as not to disrupt the fluorescence of your commuter vest.

Yes :frowning:

10 char…

I think something exists. One of the mechanics at my work has some that seem to just clip onto the forks and seat stays. They seem pretty handy.

^Yeah… quick google search example: SKS raceblades.

I’ve got some. Fit great on my little bike, do a great job.

Will they fit full size wheels though? :wink:

No such thing as a commuter pig in my book. They get our dumb arses to work so we can eat.