Commuting stories

I feel sorry for people who don’t have dynamos.

Smug lords in harmony

havnt commuted in a few weeks now because im still building it. Did get some parts in the mail today…yay!

Someone plz photoshop

Although there was that time early morning when a nekkid backpacker girl was showering in the open air at the Blue Oyster in

I can’t unsee that now.

Everyday commute, 90 minute round trip.
Grand Junction road amongst shitloads of road trains and vans, it can get pretty hectic.

Got my daughter at the moment. This means I drive past work (literally) drop her at school, park the car, drive 16kms back to work. Reverse in the afternoon.

Ride to work - very cold, energetic head wind.
The winds usually reverse in the afternoon here but…
Ride from work - nice temperature and same energetic wind but as a tail wind.

Wouldn’t believe a fat old phart could sit on 40km/hr without blowing out would you.

I don’t think you literally dropped her.

I was saving you the gory details

yesterday/today I rubbed up a saddle sore. curses.

With ya. Had a pretty sore week. I’ve finally had to quit Brooks saddles, going to try something less rivet-y.

Must be something to do with weather warming up or something. Earlier this week I could feel a saddle sore coming, then it went away. I’ve never had a proper one, just little ones that come a bit then go.