Comparable Dura ace replacement sprocket

So the interpro is running a 48x 13/14 combo on Dura ace hub from it’s track days which is way to gnarly for my hilly burbs.
I want to go 17 but dura ace cut out at 16 because they are primarily for track.

So what would be a comparable 17 tooth replacement? Surly perhaps.
Wanting some input based on user experience from the old hands.

Sorry if this an oft repeated Q or rehash, but searching didn’t yield exactly the info I’m after.

Cheers Dave

Phil, Roselli, Surly?
In that order Well that would be my guess.

Yeah Phil Wood/ Roselli. About $30 difference in price between them but both bloody good.

Surly are really wide and noisy as the 1/8th bind up something chronic on most track chains I have tried. So i would stay away there.

Yo Dave, I got a pretty decent condition Roselli 17t if you’re interested.

I use a roselli 17t. Happy days. Feels the same as the DA 16t I had on before. Ie no noticeable difference.

Going to grab a surly 3/32 17t sprocket and run a narrow chain as the chainring is 3/32… Save some weight :open_mouth:

Yo dave

PM me with your wished for cog size and I’ll have one in the mail for you :wink:

Sms coming your way.

Got a Soma 17T from Sam. Seems pretty solid. Never had a Roselli at the time.

All sorted, got a very lightly used roselli from JLN. Thanks for the input guys, and thankyou Spirito for your generous offer. This foru, rmocks.

True… the KMC cool chain is a little wider and has no problems on surly cogs.

I ride a 17 t EAI Superstar. It’s fucking awesome. Noticeable step up in performance from Dura Ace; super smooth and super quiet, not to mention solid and beautiful. The teeth are slightly rounded off to make chain engagement smoother.

Interesting! I’ll roll with roselli as I t was a good deal. If I was to pony up for a flash newy,I’d be in for a new chain as well. But the period prior to and post chrissy aren’t big on cashflow with 2 kids and etc…

Yeah they aint cheap. But I figure it’s gonna last a long time and, unlike, say, my seatpost, I actually notice a difference in the ride. And I bought it in the cashed-up winter months.