Complete Pinarello Roadie w/Record

Not a bad price? pinarello racing bike | Bicycles | Gumtree Australia Morphett Vale Area - Aberfoyle Park | 1031738208

…not sure of the model, internal TT brake cabling, but has a chainstay bridge and no chrome on the rear triangle. Maybe resprayed. Was thinking about it for the groupset and fork.

Great value. Not a Gavia I don’t think. Possibly a Prestige? Under the bell would be the model name on the TT.

Trevisio? Might go have a look if I’m not too slow already.

I was thinking later, but you might be right given it has no seat tube bottle mounts or pump peg (that I can see.) Which probably means it’s definitely a repray as that sticker set is to avoid the ST bottle mounts.

That’s what I thought, but did they ever have internal cabling? Not that Pinarello were known to do things by the book.

On closer inspection if you squint I reckon it says Veneto.
here is another Veneto with the same details/geo/stays/routing.

^ The 87 Pinarello catalogue suggests the Venetos didn’t have internal routing.

I reckon it might be a Tre Cime with a respray.

Yeah, ^^ tre cime^^ looks right. Gavia replaced Montello as the range-topper, but this one doesn’t have the pretty details you’d see in a Montello

Good buying for whoever gets on it!


Godammit, I hadn’t finished speculating what model it was!

I didn’t even get to see the pictures ha ha