Complete track bike

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pretty good deal so far

can’t see it that closely, but it looks very similar to my “hillman”

wish there were better pictures and available postage


I’ve been watching this closely and for the right price I’m in

Bike was hand built by Bruce Opperman (brother of Hubert) about 1968

Wow, that’s some rich history right there.

Also watching, but price will have to stay pretty low to make that drive worth it

my size, gf can pick it up, may have a stab!

I suspect we’ll see a few snipe bids happening. :slight_smile:

Count me in. This is war.

haha intense… Went up quite quickly, my 480 didnt stand a chance


Who got it?

Not me,
I’ve spent way too much this month I was out at $390

Few more seconds and my 520 would have been in! Still looking for nice steel frame if anyone is selling?

BigTuna, i got an aussie track frame, 54ish square, pm if keen.

where dubrat…