Compulsory Bike Helmets

Hey everyone,
I’ve been reading alot lately about the whole compulsory helmets debate.
I’m really interested in what everyone here thinks about it.
Time for a poll!??!?



You just mentioned helmet laws on a bicycle forum…uh-oh.


It’s been done to death.

oh cmon…
Who deosn’t love a poll!?!?

the germans, russia…sweden too.

Giggling… hehehehe^^

luckily we’re in australia then eh?

i dont like wearing a helmet, especially since you cant look cool wearing one. but i;ve hit my head enough times to want to wear it.

Anyone who answers ‘Not worth the negative impact on cycling numbers’ is straingt up kidding them selves. It has been proven time in time again that helmet laws deter people from cycling. If the helmet laws were relaxed/ abolished numbers of cyclists would increase>> this would mean that motorists would either become cyclists (now that they don’t have to ruffle their hair) or they would become more used to dealing with cyclists. It’s a freak’n win all round:)

I would still wear mine when doing any proper riding though.

I think thats what people are referring to. They’re saying that the law is stupid because it deters people from cycling. not the other way around.

Do that many people care about their hair that much? I’d like to see this proof…

Not saying your wrong, just seems unlikely.

I think psychologically it makes cycling seem more dangerous than it is. I’d be happy to see the law removed.

I would still wear a helmet, so would most people who dodge city traffic and ride any serious amount/distance. But I think it would have a more positive effect on cycling.

…and to make another point, a good road low profile, matte black helmet and a nice cycling cap underneath is a pretty ‘cool’ look to me. I actually prefer getting to work with helmet hair as opposed to having it look like i rode through an industrial hair dryer.

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    Bonus round: your / you’re for good measure. Extra credit: spot the error in this last one.

This is an ‘Alignmentsmatrix waiting to happen.

Lawful Good “Helmets protect your head in case of an accident, they’re the law, and you’ll be a burden on your family and society if you get an ABI from not wearing one. It just makes sense.”

Chaotic Good “By not wearing a helmet, I may put myself at an apparently greater risk, but if I encourage more people to ride bikes as a consequence, it may eventually make the roads safer for me too.”

Lawful Neutral “I might prefer to ride without one, but I think it’s foolish to commute through the city without a helmet and expect not to get fined.”

Neutral “Neither wearing nor not wearing a helmet should be compulsory. Why can’t we all just get along?”

Chaotic Neutral “Wooo check this shit woooo”

Lawful Evil “No helmet? That’s a paddlin’. No bell? Paddlin’. No front and rear reflectors? Paddlin’. Nobr akes? Paddlin’. Arguing with me? That’s a paddlin’.”

Neutral Evil “You should definitely not wear a helmet. And you should definitely let me have your bike if you have an accident.”

Chaotic Evil “Of course I wear a helmet. These spikes impale magpies, and these inlays were carved from Simon Overland’s skull.”

(edit: sigh, it’s been done)
Bicycle helmet laws could do more harm than good - health - 27 April 2009 - New Scientist

Read away…

^^ Fair enough. I guess the majority of people ride relatively slowly, so helmets are mostly unnecessary.

Helmet saved my life on more then one occasion.
I have 2 cracked helmets on my shelf to remind me why its a good idea,
and im not a vegie.
I even put it on to test ride my bikes in my street when playing with them.
Its just not worth it.

Theres plenty of good looking fast helmets out there if looks are important.