Conan gig - Tuesday 9 sept

So Tuesday next week there’s a very cool gig I’m going to, and would love some company.

It’s at the Basement, usual metalhead venue in Belco. The band is Conan, they’re Brits playing some really cool doom. Think of a more drony Sleep. Support is Yanomamo, don’t know them.


Sounds barbaric

you’ll love it I think

Any hip hop? Funk?

One of my mates plays in Yanomamo who are supporting the whole tour! They are along the same lines - doom/sludge metal.


Is he really one of your mates luke?

Indeed so! Dave who is the drummer. Had to name drop!

Dave the drummer? From Nirvana?

Is he the guy that looks like the guy from the Foo Fighters?

Yeah! The singer from Foo Fighters looks so much like that drummer from Nirvana. Uncanny!

Awesome - I love to discover Aussie bands. Sounds good too!

Bump this is on tomorrow

Sorry can’t make it.
Also, I found the album a bit boring. I need my metal energetic