Concorde Aquilla PDM ending soon

Anyone on this?

Concorde Aquilla PDM, vintage frame and fork, Columbus TSX steel! | eBay

I wish it was bigger’

so nice

must resist…

Fuck, missed out by 8 seconds and it was perfect size for me as well. anyone here grab it?

That’s a steal! What a bargain. Probably a Ciocc.

Everyone should own a TSX frame, at least once.

i thought k o getting one for 350 was a sweet deal!!

thing is lovely.

I’m sure if it was 54 or bigger the price would have been higher,
Pretty nice though.

Ha, winner doesn’t want it and seller just sent me a message asking whether I am interested for 315! Super stoked

Well sounds like he bid it up,
May be may be not.
Either way good buying at that price.

Concordes are rad! Love mine!

Well dunno what happened to the bidding, but got it for my max bid only as the seller sent through a second chance offer. Just picked it up and its looking pretty sweet for $312! now to figure out whether to go with a new or 91 gruppo…

that is all.

New veloce it’s so cheap or Athena 11 if the budget stretches