Concorde going relatively cheap.

Anyone bidding on this:


53x 57 is a kind of extreme jump in measurements innit?
if you were that tall as to need a 57 ST then the TT would see you cramped as hell with your knees knocking the bars.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he has some how f’ed up the measurements.

Possibly so, but you’d want it clarified before bidding. It could be 55 square if he’s incapable of accurate measurements.

User ianhuman is on this for a broken hip rehab bike, I know dibs don’t mean shit but please go easy if you care about a brothers recovery…

If any of you crackers from here out bids IanHuman on this Ima gon’ come round yo house and cut yo muthafuckin’ spokes out… REAL TALK

I have many knives motherfuckers.

I’ll throw beers at your cats and do burnouts on your lawn!

4 mins to go!
How you gonna get up to ballarat?

Jumped $100 in the last second!

$566 is a bargain. did u snag it Ryan??

So glad I don’t have to stab anyone here.




yeah, that’s a bargain. what’s next, ryan? lycra? bunch rides? carbon?

bargain indeed. glad i missed the end, i don’t have money for such pretty things.

Shhh! Baby steps…

if it ends up bein closer to 55sq and is too small for you, let me know!!

Did you get the true measurements confirmed in the end?