Concorde MAX 1993

This just went past my budget, no more bids from me.

I have the EL version of this year, they ride well but you will need a shim for the seatpost.

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That is a very handsome frame and my size. Now watching.

That paint is stunning.

what’s the s/post size? what shim?

Q: Hi, I am interested in the bike, but $1981 for postage is ridiculous. Can you please give me an accurate quote for postage to Australia and I will put in a serious bid. Thanks 21-Oct-11
A: Yes, you’re right up to it. But I need a product for $ 1,981. But I do have restrictions on the sale of 500 Usd per month, why do I need to charge only. Thank you. If you are satisfied with the price of $ 1,981 is requested to bid. Thank you. Crepe respect.

I’m laughing so hard

Google translated?

^wrong thread?

nice concorde, They hit the spot!

Porn worthy, awesome paint and a good listing, this will catch a few pretty coins