Concorde Track 58cm tt -

someone buy it, fuggin gorgeous. Reasoanbly priced too.

For Sale: Concorde track frame and fork. 60CtC seat tube. Deep V wheels - London Fixed-gear and Single-speed

better hurry

Ugh, would love that. Anyone want to buy a Ken? Ha ha.

With two people already calling dibs on LFG, I’d be surprised if it’s still available.

yeah that thing is super nice. can’t believe someone asked if tyres and tubes were included in the sale!! haha

so hawt, digging the paint too. This would’ve been nice to have with your other concorde ianhuman

Yeah, this is really really nice! I think im gonna try some cool paint like this on my hillman!

If it had fit me, yeah.

If it wasn’t xmas I’d pull the trigger on this frame.

Also my old Concorde is up for sale, too. Didn’t you want it Rolly?

i seem to remember it was too big for me… but tell me again what size it is?

Think it’s 56.5cm sq? Doesn’t seem like it’d be too big, but what do I know.

yeah, most of my bikes are 54/55sq…

i don’t think you’ll have much trouble finding a buyer though!

I’m not selling it, so I’ll have no trouble at all.