Confusion with a fork.

Hey guys, I’ve tried searching for this on the net and on these forums, and whether or not I’m not typing the right thing, I can’t find it.

I have got a fork that came on a frame that was being unused by a friend, I want to set it up.
I was looking at the fork, and it has a 1" steerer tube, with a star nut, and the frame has a threadless headset, so I assumed that the fork was for a threadless headset, however the top inch or so of the steerer tube has been threaded.
I want to run it threadless, but I Don’t think you can clamp a stem onto a threaded portion of a steere tube.
Do I just space the top and put the stem underneath the threaded section?

I think you get a different fork, sounds like a hassle to make safe if at all possiable.

personally i wouldnt have a problem with running the thing with a threadless stem. really up to you though.

if you feel worried about the threads snapping under a stem you could just fill them with jb weld or epoxy

I run a threadless setup on a threaded fork. No problems so far and I ride the bastard over the harsh Brisbane roads every day.