Contador: not so tough now

Reports of him getting a one year ban and losing last year’s title. Ineligible to race this year. Alberto Contador ‘to receive one year ban’ - Racing - RoadCyclingUK

that’s such a shame … no … really …

I won’t get to see the fingerbang for a whole year

If it’s a fingerbang you’re after, I’m sure we can sort something out…

Nothing official just yet, but read the article… 1 yr ban and stripped of the 2010 title.

Alberto Contador to lose Tour de France title and face one-year ban over positive drugs test - Telegraph

Looks like it’s official: his spokespeoples confirm.

1 year… ha! Should be 5 !

i hope he sticks to his previous statement of “if i’m banned, i’ll quit the sport for good”

he needs at least one saving grace

I don’t really like the guy*, but I do like the the Contador/Shleck('s) rivalry, and if he is banned then I think the 2011 tour will be a little less exciting for it.

  • I’m fairly sure the reason for my dislike for him is a combination of his attempts to ‘corporatise’ the fingerbang thing, and the fact that because I can’t understand Spanish I have no way to get a measure of his personality which I often mistake for him not having one at all.

I tend to agree with Chaz. I hope an underdog comes out of the woodwork for the tour.

Does that mean the second placer becomes the winner? Who was it again?

And of course, because he sounds like the martians in Mars Attacks.

This would be a brilliant outcome.

excellent! I’ll have this in mind everytime I hear him speak.

so is he going to follow up on his “threat” from last year to quit…

At the moment he’s just whining like a little bitch.

Contador Challenges!

This is from ABC news. Be interesting to see what happens.

this seems awfully familiar

American Floyd Landis Loses Tour de France Doping Appeal | News | English

as for the whole quitting thing, “The situation has changed” apparently.

I give it 18 months before he comes out and pulls a Floyd

So if he is stripped of the TdF title does he/Astana have to give back the EUR450,000 winner’s purse? It’s traditional to split the purse among the team, do they all have to give back their cut?

Dear Alberto,
I was going to wait to send this, but well… you know…
Please find my bank details below.
Kind Regards,

Dear Andy,

Thanks for that, but there is no money left. The steak around here costs a fortune!

Yours sincerely,