Contents Insurance for renters with too many bikes

Does anyone rent and have contents insurance? A house near mine was robbed the other day and I’m thinking I’d hate to lose my wheels, among other things, to some scummy thief.
Any suggestions?

Bit of a random topic!

Yep. I’m with HBF. We upgraded our policy once I got the Kumo, so now everything is covered outside the house for theft and accidental damage.

I work for GIO and sometimes AAMI (same company).

With GIO your bikes are covered inside the house and if you have them listed as portable valuables they are then covered outside the house for loss or damage for a value that you select. The only time they are not covered is if you’re racing. Sometimes it costs more than the Bike Insurer (sometimes not) but it is “new for old” coverage unlike most of the bike insurers who will only cover it for what they think it’s worth at the time.

AAMI is a bit cheaper than GIO (less added extras) but you still have the option to add portables.

Oh yeh, I should add, i don’t have to list any of my property for it to be covered.

Oh yeah. If you go Platinum level cover with GIO all your Contents are automatically covered as portable.

So take your sofa to the cyclocross and it’s covered.

they’ve never seen a DDCx race have they?

im with NRMA/RAC. Have been for 10 years.

Bikes covered inside and out, and have made a claim for use outside the house too. happy days.