Conti Gatorskins 700*28


Have these be discontinued? I cant find them on either PBK, Wiggle, and CRC is out of stock.

Anyone know where I can get some?

These are for my commuter road bike, and the 700*23’s on there right now just arent cutting it for me…

Alternatively, what would you recomend as an alternative? i 700*28

Schwalbe Durano come in 28

I just discoverd that they still carry them, they just wont ship them to Australia!

I’ll look into the schwalbe durano

Detonator’s come in 25 and 28

I’ve got 2 decent used ones you can have for $20 each. PM me.

The difference however is that Detonator’s are extremely puncture prone crap tyre

Funny you say that since i have had two flats. :frowning:
But isn’t that do to with the tubes? (as in punctured tube, not tire)

If you put a tube on a wheel and wrap it with electrical tape vs a tube and a tyre, which do you think will last the longest?

I think the one with the tire. lol
A wheel with a puncture resistant tube and a tire
A tube and a tire, which will last the longest?

Lets just say there are 2 major factors?

^ You are too far gone dude…

Doesnt matter how good your tube is. If your tyre is shit, you’ve got no chance. I run cheap kmart tubes and good tyres and hardly ever get flats.

Basically, if something gets through your tyre, it’ll get through your tube.

watching where you ride helps too… riding in gutters and through glass ( that shinny stuff on the road ) increases the likely hood you getting punchers, doesn’t matter how good your tires are if you don’t pay attention to what you run over…

Sounds like a job for Mr Tuffy…
Mr Tuffy Bike Tyre Liner for Road Bikes and Mountain Bikes

If only I could find tyres to put them in (which is what this thread was about!)

The thing about tyre liners is you put them in almost anything and they make them bulletproof. For commuting , they are a godsend.

Who uses these? Might be intrested in getting them, are they reusable? Would it be better to just buy a better tyre?

From the link:

Recyclable - Use from bike to bike.

Yes, they’re re-usable.
FWIW, I now keep the quality tyres for the race machine and when they’re getting worn down, swap them out to the commuter with these in them.

I consistently ride around a 100+ kms a week from commuting and general riding etc. In the last 20 years (two thirds of my life) I have got ONE, yes ONE puncture. I guess I just take care of avoiding things on the road that may damage my tyres.

Your last name isnt moon is it? :slight_smile: