Converting a MTB disc front hub to a fixed gear rear hub

Has anyone tried this: Fixed Gear Gallery :: RE: Converted disc Fixie hub story ?
If so, how did it go?
Can a MTB front hub handle the different torque and other forces exerted on a fixed gear rear road hub?
Has anyone had this type of hub fail on them?
Any problems getting a good chain line with this type of hub, or having to dish the wheel too much?
Where can you get a bolt on fixed gear cog in Australia, or can you only buy such a cog on-line?
Any information would be appreciated.

Why would you? I don’t get it.

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Because I have a spare MTB front hub, because its a challenge and because (as Kath & Kim say) “it’s noice, it’s different, it’s unusual”.
If I was into fixed MTB bikes, then I’d probably also be happy that I wouldn’t have to worry about stripping the lock-ring threads.

you can get an axle conversion kit for a shimano xt hub online. same as the cogs. google it

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Thanks Tom. It seems that the VeloSolo cogs are about AUD $30.00 including postage.
Thank you also Supermarketoflove — google is my friend.