Converting shamals to 10sp

So i have bought a set of Shamal clinchers with these logos,

Im looking at converting them to run 10 speed and keep running into conflicting reports,
I have heard corima bodies can work, Athena bodies of the right period can work.
Has any body here done this and know what is involved?
Thanks Dayne

8 speed hey… Ask Spirito if any one knows it’ll be him.

Would be interested to know also. Otherwise I’ll be running 8 speed!

There is a thread on this, I’ve got this done twice.

1.corima “doesn’t work” too long to get into, paws dont have mini springs

  1. Either buy (1997 “only” athena hubs) it’s the only one that will work with 16 hole 8 speed, and swap the freehub bodies,

  2. fly to melb and get shifter to do his magic with switching and adapting some miche freehub bodies over,

Trust me guys and gals these are the only ways, many of hours have been spent doing this.

expensive process but it can be done.

I tried to find the thread but to no avail i will keep an eye out for the hubs,
if not take them to shifter.

Just out of interest: anyone know what Dan charges for this service?

Another solution:


^^ too many spokes.

Now to find an athena hub

Let me know if you find another!

but why would you want to? shamals are great track wheels, and stiff as hell, but they’re total anchors on the road.

Cos sweet hilpster cred.

since when do hipsters ride…let alone ride roadies??

They decend and handle the flats pretty well, hey why the hell am I justifing myself.

This. But for a Sunday pony bike, fine.

you raise a most excellent point.

Yeah i have my fast bike this is just for my sunday cruiser.

it’s around the $130 mark, which to me seems very reasonable. i believe he can do any model shamal.

I’ve said before I really regret selling my Shamal road wheels long ago. Tubulars, I ran 9 speed, and to my mind one of the best production wheels ever built (which is high praise from a handbuilt snob like me). You might call 'em boat anchors but I found them just fine, stiff but unbreakable and the pawl engagement felt rock solid. Aero too … and beautiful.

What the others have said re: swapping freehubs over. You can do it, it’s finicky but I’d leave 'em as is and don’t think converting them is gonna get you more miles or be hassle free in the long run. Obviously you’re not gonna race these and if you need more than 8 or 9 gears for social/recreational rides then you’re not gonna be happy anyways. Plenty of simple ways to run different shifters with 8 or 9 speed campy … in my own experience a JTek Shiftmate for $40 meant using better (newer) shifters with plenty of cheaper, older wheels and thicker chains/cogs. I might be the only one who has no probs with this.

Psst - I am just as fast on an 8 or 9 speed bike as I am on a 6 speed or an 11 speed bike. I do concede the latter shifters are nicer and more precise, but once in gear it doesn’t seem much different. That’s why I like cheap kookie mods and see the benefit of later model shifters. Older shifters (Campy) are great too but they may be in need of overhaul if the’re damaged/abused/not looked after. The difference between properly working and crappy/tired is massive and most people just give up and buy newer stuff (myself included) without thinking about overhauling the shifter guts … but that’s another topic.

Spirito’s rule # 6,862: run with what you got, spend more money only if you have to.