Convict 100 - Riding Stromlo

Can anyone confirm that the Convict 100 is only on on Saturday and that I should be able to ride Stromlo on Sunday? I’m planning to come down for the weekend but will now look into Sunday/Monday because of the event taking place.

any one doing this, this year?
im going to give it a crack!!

Ran into a mate down at the husky100 that was doing his best to coerce me into the 68km, he was very persuasive so If it fits around my schedule I’ll be there

Heard they’re doing in reverse this year? You lose the 2 best decents of the day, legs are way too fresh for the bridge to make it interesting and most of all you can’t bitch about the ‘fuck off big climb’ at the end (and by default you lose the warp speed descent of jacks track).

Should be interesting.

yeah its in reverse, cant compair but a mate said it wont be as good in reverse.

Is this doable on a cx bike, e.g. rougher than Manly Dam?

Shepherd’s Gully is really the only part of the course I’m familiar with.

I’d be happy to just go a bit slower over the occasional bumpy stuff, but if there’s heaps of it it would start to get less fun.

Didnt know theres one here as well (theres one in Canberra this weekend) but I’d be keen to do it on a CX bike as well.

guys have done it on a cx bike before, theres rock gardens but mostly fire trail.

Hey Marc - I don’t know anything about this, I also couldn’t find any info online. I think I am heading to Stromlo tonight for a ride so I will see if I can see any signage, usually they have notices up giving people notice there is an event on.

Are you referring to capital punishment?

Of course I was, how could I get it this wrong?!

thats the one, sorry for the confusion.

Sunday looks all good to ride. Go and shred… let me know if you come on down. We will meet up.

@Admins, the two threads you’ve joined dont have anything to do with each other, I got the name of the event wrong.

Thanks Ezy, pretty sure I’ll come down then but I will let you know. Would be nice to go and shred together.

FYI - it is a long weekend in Canberra this weekend.

Ohhh well, my timing is off again. Was hoping to have the trails for myself on Monday, guess that wont happen now.

Stromlo is fine. Mainly because of the one way rule… On a weekend you hardly bump into anyone as the MTB FREDS all do the main loop. We can head out the back and chase down some of the more technical trails out there. It will be you, me and all of the kangaroos and wallabies.

We can hit up some other places too if you would like.

so what was this thread about again!?

I’ve never heard this term before.

hangs head in shame 'cause I probably fall into this category, and all this time I thought I was a lowly weekend warrior.

Haha mtb freds, this is awesome Ezy