Cook Islands

Looked for a travel thread but couldn’t find it.

I have a wedding to attend at the end of July in the Cook Islands and was wondering if anyone had any advice r.e. food, shopping, things to do.

People keep telling me how expensive it is and I’m on a pretty tight budget, any advice would be a massive help.

It’s great.

They use NZ $.

Buy a snorkel and flippers here and go snorkeling on Muri Beach. Also look into a boat trip to the outer reef.

Rent a scooter or a bike and ride around the island.

Do the across the island walk.

Chill out.

From memory it’s not too pricey, but meat/dairy/anything imported is very expensive vs fish and fruit/veges.

Can rent air bnb etc at reasonable prices.

All of what Mike says. Mrs C and I honeymooned there…loved it*. Snorkel and flippers a must-have. If you can subsist on chicken, fish and mangoes and a few veggies it’s not that expensive. A side trip out to the outer islands (like Aitutaki) is cool if you can swing it.

*Biggest news story in the local paper when we were there was a couple of local rascals had mooned the Prime Minister from the back of a truck…much high dudgeon and the local constabulary were all-out trying to catch the perpetrators (who had subsequently, allegedly taken a boat and gone into hiding)

It’s expensive to get there. Went for a wedding. I certainly won’t deliberately be going back but nice enough if you have to go for relatives… think there’s better places in the Pacific. Do the little hike up the mountain on Raro. There’s not much wildlife think the rats killed a lot. There’s a guide who does the treks and he’s a total chill stoner. Likes pointing out all the horny goat weed on the island. Soak paw paws in lime to eat the next morning. The limes on the island are crazy juicy. Given it’s a dot in the Pacific I thought of getting even further out into nothingness. Palmerston Island (Palmerston Island - Wikipedia) sounded interesting but I think you had to write the island months in advance and I ran out of time. Eat yams and snorkel every day. Pretty shit place to be vego. The nightclub on Raro was the place to go if you like being grouped by large smiling women. Islanders are so chill. Really notice the island time thing if you’re trying to organise anything.