Cool...but kind of spooky

Can’t help thinking the pentagon will be knocking on these guys’ doors sometime soon…


I want one! or maybe a whole fleet to do my bidding.

killah bees!

Pity they will only be used for evil.

you wont even hear them coming, the figure 8 is mindblowing.

Wow! That’s awesome!!

Have we learned nothing from the Terminator documentaries?

We never learn… Add lazors and we have a whole lota trouble on our hands…

Watching that reminds me of this;


space invaders much?

They’re at it again


The pentagon probably paid for the research.

Motherfuckers have all this technology but yet my toast still ends up burnt? WTF !!!

That’s awesome. Best bit was the guitar at the end ha ha!!!

i just want one to get me some maccas…

I remember my high school days when our school having a Silent Drill competition with other schools…Just like this one I really love watching it over and over again.It only shows how disciplined military is and its not easy to be in the group if you dont have the guts and the passion for it.

whoaaaaa i want 'em!

Some further info on these guys.

Vijay Kumar: Robots that fly … and cooperate | Video on

Robots are fkn outstanding